Corporate, Civic and Professional Functions, rely on the toastmaster’s specialised knowledge of correct procedure, etiquette and protocol. The dignity and importance of the occasion are of the highest priority, as these reflect the reputation of the host organisation. Most of the toastmaster’s activity is behind the scenes.

Meticulous in attention to every detail, your toastmaster will continually liaise with all concerned to ensure that every occasion runs smoothly.

Charity and Fund Raising Events account for more and more of the modern toastmaster’s work. The toastmaster’s expertise as compere, auctioneer, or organiser of fund-raising games will generally result in increased revenue far in excess of the fee.

Masonic Ladies’ Festivals, Rotary and Round Table Functions each have their own special protocol, and a knowledgeable toastmaster is a necessity. From the moment the President and his lady arrive, they will be assured of a smooth-running and happy evening – and even the Festival Secretary will be able to sit back and relax.


Hire a toastmaster for your Corporate banquet, Civic and Professional Functions

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